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For all your FAQ’s on investing in Australian property including the purchase process, how to obtain finance, taxation, foreign buyer restrictions and more, we strongly encourage you to read our comprehensive Australian Property Investor Guide – just click on the following link:

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Why Invest in Australian property

Australia is famous for its golden beaches, baked red deserts and glam­orous, sophisticated cities, as well as an ancient indigenous history and a young, vibrant culture.

As you will discover, Australia has a great story to tell, from its economic strength and cultural diversity to its ground-breaking research and development and highly skilled workforce. Australia is consistently ranked high by the World Competitiveness Yearbook as one of the most resilient economies in the world. Now with a record-breaking 25 years of continuous growth, without a recession, Australia is strategically located in the Asia – Pacific, the world's fastest growing region.

Australia has strong population growth due to its progressive immigration policies. It's population is now over 24 million people and is growing at about 1.6 percent per year; substantially higher than the world average of 1.2 percent per year. This trend is expected to continue into the future. As a direct result, many parts of the country are experiencing housing shortages translating into strong tenant demand, increasing rental yields and outstanding capital growth.

Australia has been consistent in terms of strong economic growth and low unemployment rates but there are many other benefits for investing in Australia including:

High rental yields, low vacancy rates

Australia’s residential vacancy rates are at an all time record low with vacancy rates in Australia’s capital cities hovering around 1-2% in many locations. These low vacancy rates are driving rent increases across the country as demand outstrips supply for rental properties. Thus rental yields are on the rise which is fantastic for an investor seeking a capital growth oriented market whilst maintaining a good cash flow position.

A Government that welcomes overseas investment

Finance in Australia is available to non-resident investors and the Australian taxation and legal system make it relatively simple for non-resident investors to invest in Australian property. 

The Government encourages foreign investment of Australian property to help meet the growing population's increasing demand for property.

Tax friendly nation

Australia has relatively competitive depreciation rates, making an Australian property very tax effective. Please contact us to further learn about the tax structures in relation to property investment.


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